Catherine Legault on The Mama Rose Show

As part of the Brooklyn Film Festival, the film director Catherine Legault and the subjects of Sisters: Dream & Variations, Tyr Jami (Syngja) and Jasa Baka (Zuzu Knew), gave an interview to the fabulous Mama Rose Show. You can watch the clip from 5:43 min onward.


Dans le cadre du Brooklyn Film Festival, la réalisatrice Catherine Legault et les personnages du film Sisters: Dream & Variations, Tyr Jami (Syngja) et Jasa Baka (Zuzu Knew), ont donné une entrevue au fabuleux Mama Rose Show. Vous pouvez regarder la vidéo à partir de 5:43 min.

The Mama Rose Show

Stephen Miller (Mama Rose), Catherine Legault, Jasa Baka and Tyr Jami

Trailer “Sisters: Dream & Variations”

The trailer of Sisters: Dream & Variations is finally out!

Part documentary, animated film and performance, Sisters: Dream & Variations is an inspiring observation of the artistic approach and self discovery of Tyr and Jasa, two Montreal artists of Icelandic descent.

In the “New Visions Competition” at RIDM:

La bande-annonce de Soeurs: rêve et variations est enfin sortie!

Entre documentaire, animation et performance, Soeurs: rêve et variations est une observation inspirante de la démarche artistique et identitaire de Tyr et Jasa, deux artistes montréalaises d’origine islandaise.

Aux RIDM, dans la “Compétition Nouveaux Regards”:

Ny Vor / New Spring launches its webpage

New Spring in the Dead of Winter launches its webpage


New Spring in the Dead of Winter is an interdisciplinary performance project made by artists from Montréal, Canada, during their residency at Arts Iceland in Isafjordur from may 1st-28th which will then be presented in Iceland and Montreal. Sparked by the Icelandic texts derived from songs sung by our great-grandmother Ingibjorg Gudmundsdottir (1891-1994), this project arcs through 4 generations of women.

In New Spring visual worlds by Zuzu Knew parallel music made by Syngja, both infused by the same themes of personified nature and mythic archetypes. Their reinterpretations have become an original performance; compositions and songs with Cello, electronics, synthesizer and voice with costumes and projections that combine to create an immersive experience, both visceral and surreal.

Syngja has performed around the world, most notably for the Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Festival TransAmériques, festival MEG, M for Montreal, Suoni Per Il Popolo, Pop Montreal, Mono No Aware (Brooklyn), and BeauHaus (Brussels).

Zuzu Knew has made costumes for Tanya Tagaq, Laakkukuk Williamson Bathory, Klo Pelgag and Tommy Kruise. She has made interdisciplinary work for MIX NYC, Koumaria in Athens, Greece and NXNE, Toronto.


Artist Talk @ Edinborg Cultural Center, Isafjordur Iceland May 24th

Performance @Edinborg Cultural Center, Isafjordur Iceland, May 26th

Performance @ Eldheimar Volcano Museum, Vestmannaeyjar Iceland May 30th

Performance with IDK I IDA & Glockabelle (NYC) @ Mengi, Reykjavik Iceland, June 1st


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