Canadian Screen Awards Nomination

I’m thrilled to announce that Rebels on Pointe, by Bobbi Jo Hart, has been nominated by the Canadian Screen Awards as Best Arts Documentary Program!

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Rebels on Pointe on Documentary Channel

Don’t miss Rebels on Pointe, by Bobbi Jo Hart, airing on Documentary Channel this Wednesday, May 9, at 7 pm! “The Trocks are an all-male ballet company that perform acts of revolution… in tutus!”

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Rebels on Pointe is airing again

Rebels on Pointe, by Bobbi Jo Hart, will be presented again on Documentary Channel, tonight at 8:00 pm and Feb 25 at 1:00 pm.

Rebels on Pointe, de Bobbi Jo Hart, sera rediffusé sur les ondes de Documentary Channel, ce soir à 20h00 et le 25 février à 13h00.

Rebels on Pointe Hot Docs

Rebels on Pointe on Documentary Channel

Rebels on Pointe, by Bobbi Jo Hart, will be airing on Documentary Channel in its original feature length (90 min), this Sunday, February 18, at 9 pm.

You can watch the trailer here:

Thanks for spreading the word and tuning in!


Rebels on Pointe, de Bobbi Jo Hart, sera diffusé sur Documentary Channel dans sa version originale (90 min), ce dimanche 18 février à 21h00.

Vous pouvez regarder la bande-annonce ici:

Merci de passer le mot, vous m’en donnerez des nouvelles!

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Reviews in the New York & L.A. Times

Rebels on Pointe playing in theatres in New York and L.A. had good reviews in both the New York Times and the Los Angeles times.

“On days when it seems there isn’t too much to smile about, grab a glass of wine and watch “Rebels on Pointe,” Bobbi Jo Hart’s playful documentary about the all-male comedy dance troupe, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.”
– The New York Times

“The result is a delightful, embracing cultural experience, one that the film’s director, Bobbi Jo Hart, warmly captures in all its offbeat glory as she follows the group.”
– The Los Angeles Times

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Rebels on Pointe at Hot Docs

Rebels on Pointe, by Bobbi Jo Hart, will be playing at Hot Docs next week. Don’t miss the screenings on Thursday May 4 (TIFF Bell Lightbox) and Friday May 5 (Scotia Bank Theatre).

Here is a review by the Daily Xtra: Five queer films you don’t want to miss at Hot Docs 2017


Rebels on Pointe coming out in Cinema

Rebels on Pointe, de Bobbi Jo Hart, sort en salle aujourd’hui au Cinéma du Parc. Certaines projections seront suivies d’un Q&A. Passez le mot!  Pour consulter l’horaire, cliquez ici.

Rebels on Pointe, by Bobbi Jo Hart, is coming out today at Cinema du Parc. Some screenings will have a Q&A. Spread the word! Check out the schedule here.


Rebels on Pointe – We are moving stories

We are moving stories published a great interview with the filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart about her last film, Rebels on Pointe:

“Given my style of filmmaking has always been passionately focused on cinema verite style — following life as it happens, so to speak — my script was driven by the realities of the company and the dancers’ lives. Luckily I had a wonderful editor, Catherine Legault, who helped me craft a narrative arc from this footage, because it is much easier to start with a script and then shoot scenes to fit that script, then it is to just let life unfold and capture it on the fly, and then weaving a narrative together in the editing room!”

– Bobbi Jo Hart

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