WanderingMuse.net is launching!

Le site web http://WanderingMuse.net est elfin en ligne! Des out takes du film The Wandering Muse, maid surtout, des centaines de vidéos de musicians juifs à travers le monde. Réalisé par Tamás Wormser, c’est un site à explorer.

The web site http://WanderingMuse.net is finally launching! You’ll find out takes from The Wandering Muse and, most importantly, hundreds of videos of Jewish musicians from around the world. Directed by Tamás Wormser, it’s worth exploring.


The Wandering Muse on Super Channel

The Wandering Muse, by Tamás Wormser, will air on Super Channel starting on January 12. You’ll find the broadcast times on their site. // La muse errante, de Tamás Wormser, sera présenté sur Super Channel à compter du 12 janvier en version anglaise. Vous trouverez les horaires sur leur site.

Basya Schechter

Basya Schechter

The Wandering Muse in Toronto

The Wandering Muse opens on Friday, December 5 2014, at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto.

“A vibrant-looking documentary about the boundary-crossing music of the Jews amounts to the world according to Tamás Wormser, the director whose film explores the soundtrack to the wandering race.” (The Globe and Mail)

The Toronto Film Scene wrote a good review.

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